Let's create something great together!

We feel the nature of the "what" and "how" of business growth in today's world is changing from customer experience to stakeholder engagement; from business process improvement to sales and service effectiveness; from structure to choreography and more.
We can help as principal consultant or interim executive. Let's do this together!


Let's start with stakeholder assessment - customers, employees, and key supply chain partners (and investors and regulators in some industries). Let's use insight tools such as Net Promoter Score, Voice of Employee, and relationship manager insights (key in B2B sectors) to develop a growth hypothesis.

Creating Concepts

Let's bring together the "art and science" of business design - using frameworks such as Voice of Customer, stakeholder engagement, quality function deployment, SERVQUAL, and the service profit chain and combine them with culture and communication change management to build a growth execution plan.


The hard part... bringing together strategy and design to formulate a change plan - "the essence of strategy is sacrifice" -making tough choices about what's in vs. out. Don't forget the culture and communications aspects of the change!


Let's roll! Implement and monitor. We'll set up the right measurements and stakeholder feedback, tied to key financial and relationship metrics.